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Assessment Solutions Group Assessment Design And Consulting

Are you curious whether your state is paying too much for the students assessments you are carrying out? 

Do you know what are typically the three largest costs in a state assessment program? Do you know what you are paying for these? Do you know how to reduce these costs? 

Do you know how to improve the cost-effectiveness of your assessment program? 

We are the Assessment Solutions Group – your assessment experts. Since starting business in 2009, we have saved states over $100 million by reducing the costs of their assessments. We come from both the customer and contractor perspectives of the business and our senior consultants have over 100 years of industry experience. We are committed to the industry, committed to improving the education of our children and committed to improving the quality and efficiency of our assessments. Our mission is to assist states in adding value throughout the assessment procurement and program management cycle. By reducing your assessment costs, we hope you will have additional funds for your school improvement efforts to improve student learning.

We can help you throughout the RFP process (both proposal writing and evaluation of vendor responses), evaluate whether your current program is costing too much, add staff to meet critical deadlines, or provide assistance in other areas of your assessment functions. We have written, evaluated and scored more proposals than we can count and our proprietary assessment costing software has been designed to determine the appropriate price for any assessment. We have developed “efficient assessment” modules and can work with you to structure your assessments. Our years of experience in the industry have brought us in contact with outstanding individuals in all areas of assessment that are ready to assist you through any short term or longer term staffing needs that may arise. 

So give us a call. We are ready to help!