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Today, states and large districts may have a difficult time preparing RFPs and comparing vendor proposals, and are never quite sure whether assessment contractors are proposing “apples-to-apples” programs. Furthermore, states may have trouble estimating the appropriate cost for their assessments. In the current environment, states can not tell whether prices quoted for an assessment are too high, too low, or about right. Finally, with tight budgets and limited human resources, states may need help in the ongoing assessment implementation and management process.

Our Services

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Assessment Solutions Group Services are designed to assist states in structuring their RFP documents and evaluating vendor responses in order to ensure that proposed assessment programs can be evaluated on a comparable basis, are reasonably priced, and include sufficient quality safeguards. Once a contractor has been selected, ASG will work with the customer to manage the vendor to ensure a quality program is delivered. 

In addition, ASG can provide the staff you need when you need them. Specialists in assessment program design, test development, assessment administration, program management, budgeting and accounting, technical support, psychometrics and analysis, IT work, and other aspects of assessment program design, development, implementation and use can be made available to help you meet your staffing needs. You can select just the help that you need and use them as long as you feel is necessary. Assessment Solutions Group provides: