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proposal review & evaluation

Cost Section Analysis

ASG has developed proprietary software that can be used to determine the appropriate price for any assessment. Customers can use ASG to evaluate cost proposals, analyze program metrics and negotiate final program cost/price with the selected bidder(s). ASG will assist the customer or negotiate directly with the contractor to develop the right program price. We recommend a modified BAFO process that consists of cooperative final price and scope negotiations with the vendor to arrive at the value maximizing program cost. 

Technical Analysis

  • Design and Development – ASG will work with customers to come up with the most efficient assessment design and process for developing items and test forms 
  • Administration – Review and evaluation of the other sections of the proposal. ASG ensures administration costs are appropriate and proposed program metrics are consistent with industry standards. 
  • Psychometrics – ASG will review the data analysis, scaling and equating sections of the proposal submissions. 
  • Quality – ASG will review vendor proposals to ensure the appropriate assessment program quality steps and procedures are clearly stated. Deficiencies in properly addressing quality procedures will be addressed with the bidder(s).